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Find the Best Water Softeners and Treatment Systems in Richmond, VA

If you’d like to improve the quality of your water that comes from the James River, consider installing a water treatment system in your home. The Richmond Times-Dispatch has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing product selection, consumer reviews and local availability of 47 businesses and choosing nine favorites from the top water treatment companies in Richmond.

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What to look for in a water treatment system in Richmond

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Depending on its source, there are a variety of contaminants you may want to filter from your drinking water. In Richmond, many residents use a combination of water softeners and treatment solutions to improve the quality of their water and reduce mineral buildup. Water filter systems can remove heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, pesticides and other chemicals. Eco-friendly water treatment options are available, and you can choose whether to treat the entire home or only select water sources.

Here are some of the most common water treatment systems in Richmond homes.

  • Whole-house water filters: Also known as point-of-entry systems, these filtration systems treat water as it enters your home. They remove minerals, chlorine and other contaminants from water used all all over your home, including in the kitchen sink, showers and laundry machine.
  • Activated carbon filters: These filters use activated carbon to remove chlorine and organic compounds and improve odors and taste. You must replace the filter on a regular basis.
  • Water softeners: Water softeners use sodium to strip the water of calcium and magnesium and soften your water. They also improve the efficiency of soaps in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room.
  • Reverse osmosis: RO water filters push water through a semipermeable barrier that removes the contaminants most commonly found in local water supplies.
  • UV disinfection: Ultraviolet light deactivates the reproductive pathway of various microorganisms found in water, including bacteria. These systems are environmentally friendly and low-maintenance.
  • Water distillation: This countertop filtration system boils water until it’s vapor, then condenses it in a separate container. The contaminants remain in the first container, offering you clean, filtered water in smaller batches.

Most Richmond water treatment companies sell water filtration or conditioning products, but not all of them offer installation or maintenance. For installation or repairs, choose a company that offers these services, or you can hire a local plumber yourself. Confirm that your water filtration system includes a warranty or money-back guarantee before you settle on a provider.

How much does a water filtration system cost in Richmond?

Including the cost of installation, a water filtration system in Richmond costs from $300 to $4,000 or more. The price of your water treatment system will vary depending on the type of system and where it’s installed in your home. You may also see a small bump in your home’s water bills as well. Though they typically cost more upfront, eco-friendly water softener systems do not increase your water bill.

Richmond softeners and treatment systems FAQ

Are permits required in Richmond to install a water treatment system?

If extensive plumbing adjustments are required, you may need a permit to install certain water treatment systems in Richmond. Ask your plumber if you’ll need to apply for a permit before beginning installation. You can also contact the City of Richmond Bureau of Permits and Inspections to ask if you need a permit.

What chemical is used for water treatment?

Richmond’s water treatment plant adds chloramines and fluoride to buffer water and provide dental protection, according to the City of Richmond’s 2019 water quality report.

How many microns should a water filter have?

The most popular home water filters typically range from 1 to 5 microns, allowing them to trap even the smallest particles. The lower the micron rating, the smaller the particles it can filter, so the micron rating you choose depends on what types of contaminants you’d like removed.

How much does a whole-house water softener cost in Richmond?

Whole-house water softeners typically start around $1,000 and can run as high as $4,000 or more for a professionally installed system. The cost will depend on the type and size of the system, as well as any extra features.

Are whole-house water filters worth it?

If you live in an area with poor water quality, a whole house-filter can remove contaminants and extra minerals from your water, which is good for your health. It can also improve the cleaning power of soaps and detergents throughout the home, and extend the life span of your appliances and fixtures.

Richmond water treatment system company information

Pelican Water

Pelican Water provides salt-free water treatment options, as well as traditional water softeners, filters, UV purification and combination systems. The company sells equipment, supplies and do-it-yourself installation kits online. Pelican Water offers limited lifetime warranties on many of its products, as well as convenient auto-ship programs for replacement filters and supplies.

Pelican Water


NuvoH2O is a unique water treatment system that uses citric acid instead of salt to soften water. It also has a filtration system that filters out larger particles like sediment and chemicals. This water treatment option features do-it-yourself installation, or you can work with a local plumber to add the system to your home. NuvoH2O’s products are covered by a five-year limited warranty.



Kinetic provides water-powered, no-electric water treatment options, including water softeners and reverse osmosis filtration. Customers can schedule a free water test online to diagnose a home’s water problems. One of the company’s water specialists can help you customize a water treatment solution for your home or business. Ask about Kinetico’s transferable warranties.

Kinetico Learn More

RainSoft Water Treatment Systems

RainSoft offers water conditioning and filtration systems to Richmond residents. The company’s systems can be customized for drinking water, bathing, laundry or other points of use throughout the home. Schedule a free in-home water test with a local dealer for more information, or see products in person at major hardware and water treatment stores. Ask about RainSoft’s product warranty.

RainSoft Water Treatment Systems

Matthews Well & Pump

Matthews Well & Pump is a full-service water care company specializing in water well problems and water filtration and softening. The company can treat water quality concerns like staining, scale, bacteria, radon gas, acidic water and more. It is committed to recycling and responsible use of natural resources. Matthews Well & Pump serves Richmond-area residents from 11446 Cauthorne Road, Glen Allen, VA 23059.

Matthews Well & Pump

Crystal Clear Water Treatment

Crystal Clear Water Treatment is a local RainSoft dealer offering whole-house filtration, softening and point-of-use systems for drinking water, laundry and bathing. The company also offers solutions for acidic water, sulfur water and other household concerns. Schedule a free water test for accurate pricing, and check the website for current deals and discounts. Crystal Clear Water Treatment is located at 2710 Charles City Road, Richmond, VA 23231.

Crystal Clear Water Treatment

McCoy Water Filter, Inc.

McCoy Water Filter provides solutions for issues like hard water, bad tastes or smells, sediment, bacteria and other common contaminants. The company carries softeners, reverse osmosis systems, activated carbon filters and more. It handles the installation process for its products. McCoy Water serves residents of Richmond from its office in Sandston.

McCoy Water Filter, Inc.

Advanced Water Systems

Advanced Water Systems offers whole-home and point-of-use filtration and softening options. The company services and installs Kinetico water filtration and treatment systems on both residential and commercial properties. Schedule a free water test to find the right filter, purification system or water softener for your home. Advanced Water Systems is located at 805 E. Nine Mile Road, Highland Springs, VA 23075.

Advanced Water Systems

Certified Water Treatment

Certified Water Treatment provides water softeners and water purification to homes in the Richmond area. The company offers solutions for every budget, from whole-home filtration to point-of-use filters for drinking water or bathing. Request a free water analysis to diagnose problems with your home’s water. Certified Water Treatment has two nearby locations, including one at 20 E. Tabb St., Ste. 201A, Petersburg, VA 23803.

Certified Water Treatment