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Find the Best Walk-in Tubs in Richmond, VA

Over 13% of Richmond’s population is over the age of 65, and 1 in 4 of these older adults experiences a fall each year — many in the bathroom. One way to reduce this risk is to install a walk-in bathtub. The Richmond Times-Dispatch has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing safety features, luxury options and customer ratings of 28 businesses and choosing nine favorites from the top walk-in tub companies in Richmond.

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Choosing a walk-in tub model in Richmond

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There are a variety of types of walk-in tubs available in Richmond. Some include only basic safety features, while others add luxury features like water jets and heated surfaces. Other types are designed with specific people in mind, like users with wheelchairs.

Common walk-in tub models in Richmond include:

  • Soaking walk-in tub: These tubs are deep, with a comfortable, upright seat to allow you to safely enjoy a soak in the bathtub. Soakers include safety features such as a low step-in, grab bar, nonslip floor and leakproof door.
  • Whirlpool walk-in tub: Equipped with multiple water and air jets, these tubs are ideal for massage and muscle-relaxing soaks and provide therapeutic benefits to those with arthritis and other medical conditions. Aerotherapy and hydrotherapy walk-in tubs are types of whirlpool walk-in tubs.
  • Wheelchair walk-in tub: These baths are designed to allow for easy transfer from a wheelchair to the tub. They include a wheelchair-level seat and an outward-swinging door for convenient access.
  • Bariatric walk-in tub: Bariatric tubs are larger and have wider entryways to accommodate larger individuals.

Walk-in tubs in Richmond are customizable by size, material, color, door-opening and drain direction and luxury features. Most walk-in tub companies in Richmond offer free consultations to help you decide which type of tub is right for your bathroom and personal needs.

How much do walk-in tubs cost in Richmond?

The price of a walk-in tub in Richmond ranges from $2,000 to $15,000, but most people pay between $4,000 and $8,000. Walk-in tub costs vary depending on the model you choose and the price of installation. In general, a larger tub with more features, or a tub that you customize, costs more than basic soakers. Installation ordinarily costs $1,500 or less.

Before purchasing a walk-in tub in Richmond, make sure you schedule a consultation, during which the tub company can take measurements of your bathroom and help you figure out the right tub model. Be sure you understand if installation is included in the cost of the tub. The price of a walk-in tub also includes a warranty for tub components, including the shell, motors, jets and the door seal.

Richmond walk-in bathtub FAQ

How long does it take to install a walk in tub in Richmond?

Professional installation of a walk-in tub in Richmond usually takes one to two days. It may take longer if you are doing significant bathroom remodeling or need to update plumbing or electrical systems.

What local financing options are available for walk-in tubs in Virginia?

Veterans with disabilities in Virginia can apply for grants up to $6,000 from the Virginia Housing Development Authority to pay for modifications to make a home more accessible, like installing a walk-in tub. Additionally, the City of Richmond’s Office on Aging and Persons with Disabilities is a great resource for information and support. Also, keep in mind most walk-in tub companies in Richmond have financing options for qualifying customers.

How do walk in tubs work?

Walk-in tubs are designed to provide users with a safer bathing experience than regular tubs. They come standard with safety features such as a low step-in, nonslip flooring, built-in seat, grab bar and watertight door. Many also come with therapeutic features like water jets and air jets and luxury add-ons like heated backrests and self-cleaning systems.

What do walk-in tub warranties cover in Richmond?

Walk-in tub warranties cover most tub components, including the shell, jets, motors, pumps and the door seal, plus labor. Not all components always have the same coverage. The door seal, for example, is almost always covered for life. Ask for details about a tub’s warranty before making a purchase.

Do I need a permit to install a walk-in tub in Richmond?

Depending on the work required to install your walk-in tub, you may need a permit from the City of Richmond. Your walk-in tub installer should help you determine if a permit is needed and, if necessary, help obtain the permit. You can also contact the city’s permits and inspections office online or call (804) 646-4169 for more information.

Richmond walk-in tub company information

Safe Step

Customers in Richmond enjoy Safe Step’s lowest-price guarantee and lifetime warranty. Each walk-in tub is made in the U.S. and goes through a 14-point quality control inspection. Customers can schedule a free consultation and take advantage of financing and discounts as well as professional installation.

Safe Step Learn More (800) 692-1935

American Standard

American Standard offers Richmond customers hundreds of acrylic and gelcoat baths in several styles and finishes. Tubs come with warranties lasting at least 10 years. The company, a leading North American manufacturer of building and plumbing products, provides a free in-home evaluation and pricing estimate.

American Standard Learn More (855) 858-5417


Kohler offers Richmond residents customizable walk-in bathtubs with individual colors, walls and faucet finishes. Each tub includes limited lifetime protection. Kohler’s certified specialists install walk-in tubs in as little as one day and remove your old tub. Kohler products are backed by 140 years of design experience. Contact the company for a free quote.

Kohler Learn More (800) 997-3146

Independent Home

Independent Home provides residents of Richmond its own product line of walk-in tubs. Each walk-in tub is manufactured, sold, installed and serviced by the company and comes with a lifetime warranty. Schedule an on-site inspection and get a quote guaranteed for one year.

Independent Home Learn More (888) 681-6080


MR. FIX-IT is a remodeling company that has been servicing Richmond-area residents for over 50 years. Its tubs offer several features, such as slip-resistant textured floors and quick-drain technology. MR. FIX-IT also provides tubs with luxury features like hydrotherapy jet technology. Richmond residents can qualify for comprehensive financing options. MR. FIX-IT’s office is located at 10189 Maple Leaf Court, Ashland, VA 23005.


Five Star Bath Solutions

Five Star Bath Solutions provides Richmond residents with a full-service walk-in tub experience, from design consultation to installation. It has several walk-in tub features, such as a low-step threshold, fast flow drain and a lifetime guarantee on door seals. Check Five Star Bath Solutions’ website for special offers. Five Star’s Richmond location is at 6840 Atmore Drive, Richmond, VA 23225.

Five Star Bath Solutions

PTR Tub & Tile Restoration

PTR Tub & Tile Restoration offers several options for retrofitting Richmond homes for accessibility, including walk-in tub installation. The company focuses on safety, accessibility, affordability, convenience and ease of use. PTR Tub & Tile is an authorized installer of CleanCut, a product that cuts into your existing tub to create a low-entry threshold. This simple installation is completed in one day. PTR Tub & Tile Restoration is based in Ashland. Call for a free estimate.

PTR Tub & Tile Restoration

Ella's Bubbles

Ella’s Bubbles offers Richmond households several different styles of walk-in tubs, including two-seat and wheelchair-accessible tubs. Its shells, frames and doors are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Tubs come with exclusive features like Infusion microbubble therapy. Contact Ella’s Bubbles for more information and a quote.

Ella's Bubbles


Re-Bath provides homeowners in Richmond with walk-in bathtubs and accessibility remodels. It offers several different walk-in tub models, with details like chrome or brushed finishes, a warm heating pad and jets. For more information, contact Re-Bath for a free consultation. Re-Bath operates a local showroom at 9903 Hull Street Road, Richmond, VA 23236.