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Find the Best Pool Builders and Pool Companies in Richmond, VA

Installing a backyard pool in Richmond is a great way to make some summer fun. The Richmond Times-Dispatch has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing the consumer reviews and local availability of 29 businesses and choosing six favorites from the top pool builders in Richmond.

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Compare Richmond Pool Builders and Pool Companies

How to find a good pool company in Richmond

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As you research pool builders and installers in Richmond, reach out to several companies to schedule estimates and compare offerings. Keep in mind that your choice should depend on more than just the lowest price. Choosing the right pool company also depends on the type of pool you want. Different companies specialize in different styles, so you should filter companies based on whether they mostly do above ground, semi-inground or inground pools.

During your estimates with installers, ask about:

  • Pricing
  • Warranty information
  • Optional features or upgrades
  • Maintenance requirements

If your pool installation requires a licensed contractor, verify the pool installer's license information with the State of Virginia before you let them work on your property.

Richmond pool costs

Inground pool prices in Richmond typically start around $25,000 and run as high as $100,000. Above ground pools are more affordable, usually ranging from $750 to $5,000. You can sometimes install these pools yourself to save on the final bill, too.

These pool costs depend on the type and material of your pool, as well as any chosen upgrades or extra features. Customizations and luxury features, like swim-up bars or tanning platforms, typically lead to higher price tags.

Once the pool is installed, you still have to pay ongoing costs for maintenance, repairs, chemicals and utilities. Richmond pool owners spend anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 per year to keep their pools in good condition.

Consider whether you want to purchase additional accessories or expand the patio area with outdoor furniture, fire pits or grills, as well. Many homeowners spend an additional $5,000 on the areas surrounding their pools.

Richmond pool regulations and requirements

In Richmond, you're required to have a building permit and an electrical permit to install a pool on residential property. If you’re building an inground pool, you need a land disturbance permit, too. There are also specific requirements for the barrier surrounding your pool to protect small children from drowning.

Richmond pool builder companies FAQ

How much does an inground pool cost?

An inground pool in Richmond generally costs between $20,000 and $100,000, depending on the materials used, the size and shape of the pool, and any additional customizations.

How much is an above ground pool?

Above ground pools usually cost between $750 and $5,000, but you can purchase a self-installable model to lower your costs.

How many gallons are in an average pool?

Average-sized pools hold anywhere from 8,500 to 70,000 gallons of water. Ask your pool installer how much water your pool should hold to help estimate your annual water costs.

How can I winterize a pool?

To winterize your pool, treat the water, plumbing and equipment with specialized chemicals. Then, lower the water level and protect the pool with a winter cover. Local pool companies can help you with seasonal closings and openings if you don’t want to deal with the hassle yourself.

When can babies go in a pool?

As long as the pool water doesn’t feel cold, your baby can go into the pool as soon as they’re two months old. Be sure to confirm that the pool’s water is balanced and treated before taking your baby in. Also, use proper flotation devices, and never leave a child unattended.

Richmond pool builders company information

Anthony & Sylvan Pools

Anthony & Sylvan is a concrete and fiberglass pool builder and renovator with locations across 12 states. The company builds pools in all different styles, sizes and shapes, and it can even customize a pool to fit your outdoor space. Anthony & Sylvan Pools also builds stand-alone or combination spas as well as customized swim spas. You can purchase pool supplies, parts, equipment and chemicals from this company online or in-store.

Anthony & Sylvan Pools

Blue World Pools

Blue World Pools offers above ground and inground pools in a variety of shapes and sizes, with installation included. Pool packages start as low as $399, but upgrades are available for pool equipment, components and warranties. Request a free quote for more information on pool availability or financing.

Blue World Pools

Billy’s Pool Services

Billy’s Pool Services is an inground pool builder offering fiberglass pools from Barrier Reef and Thursday Pools. You can customize the color, size, shape and features of your pool, and financing options are available for qualified buyers. Request a free quote or brochure for more information on its available pools. The company is located in Ashland.

Billy’s Pool Services

JoPa Company

JoPa Company is a pool builder in Richmond offering custom-designed inground pools in a variety of shapes and sizes. Available pool styles include freeform, infinity and Roman pools. The company provides pool service and replacement parts, as well as chemicals and supplies to help Richmond homeowners maintain their pools. JoPa Company also sells outdoor furniture, grills and outdoor heaters. The company is located at 8711 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA 23294.

JoPa Company

Clearwater Pools & Spas

Clearwater Pools & Spas is an above ground pool seller and installer. The company also offers hot tubs and swim spas, including self-cleaning models. Financing is available for all purchases. Clearwater Pools & Spas provides pool service and maintenance for both public and private pools, too. The company is located at 3600 Courthouse Road, Chesterfield, VA 23832.

Clearwater Pools & Spas

Ultimate Pools

Ultimate Pools builds custom pools and spas in Richmond. It also remodels or repairs existing pools and designs and builds many styles of water features, including ledges, jets, waterfalls and swim-up bars. Ultimate Pools also offers pool and spa services like opening, closing, cleaning and maintenance. The company is located at 2175 Lanier Lane, Rockville, VA 23146.

Ultimate Pools