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Find the Best Hot Tubs in Richmond, VA

With average temperatures between 29 and 89 degrees, Richmond is a good place for residents to enjoy their hot tubs most days of the year. The Richmond Times-Dispatch has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing reviews, spa features, financing options, warranties and local availability of more than 25 businesses and choosing six favorites from the top hot tubs in Richmond.

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Compare Richmond Hot Tub Stores and Brands

Hot tub accessories and features in Richmond

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As you compare your hot tub options, think about what you want to get out of your tub or spa. Hot tub features and accessories that are popular in Richmond include:

  • Steps: If you have mobility issues, you should consider hot tub steps. These steps are sold separately and designed to ease entry and exit from the tub. Some hot tub steps also include convenient storage space and handrails.
  • Color-changing spa lights: Hot tub LED lights illuminate the water from within the unit, adding ambiance and setting the mood. Some models offer programmable, color-changing LED lights that put on a show while you use the spa.
  • Combination hot tub and swim spa: A combination hot tub and swim spa has two sections. One section has a current to swim against, while the other section has spa-style seating. This combo provides space for both exercise and relaxation.
  • Saltwater sanitation systems: Saltwater hot tubs are relatively new on the market. Saltwater sanitation systems use salt and electricity to keep your spa water clean. This can be less irritating to eyes and skin and cost less than traditional systems. However, saltwater hot tub systems typically cost more initially.

Average hot tub prices in Richmond

In Richmond, entry-level hot tub models start at about $2,500, and premium models can cost $16,000 or more. Knowing your budget early on helps you find and compare hot tubs in your price range.

Size and seating configuration are the main factors that determine a hot tub's price, but the type of materials, number of jets and energy-efficient upgrades all contribute as well. Additional features like lighting, waterfalls, upgraded water filtration systems, accessories and remote control or smartphone control also increase the cost of hot tubs.

Many dealers and retailers offer financing options for qualified customers.

Installing a hot tub in Richmond

To have a hot tub installed, you first need to measure and prepare the site. Your hot tub location must be level and able to bear the tub's weight when full. In Richmond, most hot tubs are installed on concrete or reinforced decks.

Hot tubs shouldn’t be installed on grass because the weight of the tub can cause the ground to sink. Consult your hot tub dealer if you are considering putting your unit on grass or dirt — they might need to lay a foundation first. State safety regulations also require you to have a solid barrier or fence around all hot tubs, spas and swimming pools.

Hot tubs require either 120- or 240-volt outlets. For 240-volt hot tubs, you need to have a dedicated power supply installed by an electrician. Installations must comply with Virginia electrical code, and all hot tubs must be connected to an emergency power shut-off.

In most cases, no plumbing work is necessary to install a portable hot tub as long as the drainage does not cause a nuisance for neighboring properties.

Richmond hot tub FAQ

Do you need a permit for a hot tub in Richmond?

Yes. In Richmond, hot tub installations require a permit if the depth is more than 24 inches.

How often should you clean a hot tub?

Hot tubs and spas need weekly cleaning and maintenance to keep the water sanitary and pH-balanced. You should also drain and thoroughly clean a hot tub three to four times per year.

How much does a hot tub cost to maintain?

Maintaining your hot tub with traditional water care costs about $20 to $30 per month in Richmond. If you don't want to deal with that hassle, hiring a company to regularly service your hot tub costs about $600 to $1,500 per year. Some service plans include chemicals, but others charge extra for them.

How long do hot tubs last?

Hot tubs typically last five to 10 years, depending on the quality of the tub’s materials and how well it’s maintained. Some owners report having their spas for twenty years.

Can a hot tub be used with cool water?

Yes, you can adjust the temperature setting if you would like to use your tub with cool water.

When do hot tubs go on sale in Richmond?

Hot tubs typically go on sale during Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. In Richmond, look for backyard or outdoor exposition events where dealers display as-is models at special prices.

Can you plug a hot tub into a regular outlet?

Yes, low-voltage plug-and-play hot tub models are designed to plug into a regular outlet. However, most large models require a 240-volt plug on a dedicated circuit. Keep in mind that all hot tubs also require an emergency shut-off.

Richmond hot tub store and brand information

Master Spas

Master Spas specializes in manufacturing hot tubs and swim spas. Its hot tub prices start around $4,000, and financing options are available through local dealers around Richmond. All tubs come with energy-efficient insulation and built-in water management systems. Master Spas provides a warranty on all models.

Master Spas

Marquis Spas

Marquis Spas manufactures swim spas and hot tubs. Its hot tub prices start around $3,900, and financing options are available from local dealers throughout Virginia. All hot tubs come with full-cabinet foam insulation. Popular features include customizable lighting, waterfall options and MicroSilk jet technology.

Marquis Spas

Cal Spas

Cal Spas is a national retailer with local dealers in Richmond. This company’s hot tub prices start around $3,000, and it provides lifetime warranties on select components. All hot tubs include shell or full-cabinet foam insulation. Hydromassage therapy features, exclusive jet technology and a variety of seating options are also available.

Cal Spas

Aqua Living Factory Outlets

Aqua Living Factory Outlet is a manufacturer that offers hot tub models at reduced prices. Its brands include Hudson Bay Spas, Plug and Power Spas, Dr. Wellness, Tranquility Spas and Catalina Spas. Aqua Living Factory Outlet also offers hot tubs with any-temp systems that allow for temperature control. It is located at 6414 Horsepen Road, Richmond, VA 23226.

Aqua Living Factory Outlets

Luxury Pool and Spa

Luxury Pool and Spa offers hot tubs and swim spas from Hot Spring Spas, Caldera Spas, Endless Pools and Freeflow Spas. Prices for entry-level models start at $2,500. A representative can visit your home for a free backyard consultation to determine the best fit and advise you on how to prepare the installation site. The company also provides hot tub service and repairs. Luxury Pool and Spa is located at 3426 Pump Road, Henrico, VA 23233. It also has showrooms in Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Richmond and Harrisonburg.

Luxury Pool and Spa

Pla-Mor Pool

Pla-Mor Pools is an authorized dealer of Bullfrog Spas and Dream Maker Spas. The company provides hot tub sales, water testing, repairs and service. It also helps with backyard remodels as well as pool and spa installations. Supplies and accessories are available in store and online, and customers receive complimentary water testing with the purchase of chemicals. Pla-Mor Pools is located at 7225 Bell Creek Road, Ste. 238, Mechanicsville, VA 23111.

Pla-Mor Pool


Swim-N-Pools is a retailer for Sundance Spas, Marquis and Nordic Hot Tubs. Its hot tub prices start at $5,200, and swim spas start at $18,500. This company also provides spa services and supplies. Swim-N-Pools is located at 11210 Iron Bridge Road, Chester, VA 23831.