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Close to 4,000 babies were born in Richmond in 2018, according to the Virginia Department of Health. Some parents make plans to save their baby’s cord blood for private or public use toward lifesaving medical treatment. The Richmond Times-Dispatch has partnered with ConsumerAffairs to create this guide by comparing local popularity and plan selection of 31 businesses and choosing six favorites from the top cord blood banking companies in Richmond.

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Private vs. public cord blood banking in Richmond

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There are many factors for Richmond residents to consider when choosing whether public cord banking or private cord banking is right for them. Private and public cord blood banks both offer lifesaving stem cells for over 80 diseases for those in need.

  • Private cord blood banking is offered as a service to families who want to store their child’s cord blood for future use. Companies cryogenically freeze and save the stem cells for future use in a medical procedure. Private cord blood banking is a good choice for families with a history of genetic disease that could be treated using cord blood cells.
  • Public cord blood banking makes cord blood stem cells available for any person in need. Unlike with private banking, public cord blood banking has no cost for the donor. Also, not all hospitals will assist with public cord blood banking. Families without a history of medical conditions treatable by cord blood stem cells should consider donating to a public bank.

How much does cord blood banking cost in Richmond?

Private cord blood banking in Richmond costs $3,000 to $5,000 for 20 years of storage. The price of cord blood banking depends on the company, whether you are also banking cord tissue and the number of years of storage. Annual costs of storage are generally between $125 and $175. If you choose to pay year by year, expect an initial cost of $1,000 to $2,000, which may include the first year of storage.

Health insurance doesn’t usually cover cord blood banking, but some plans may have provisions for medical necessities. Contact your insurer for more information.

Pros and cons of cord blood banking in Richmond

Cord blood banking in Richmond has both pros and cons.


  • Cord blood stem cells can be used in transplants to treat leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell disease and dozens of other serious medical conditions.
  • You can store cord blood for years; some companies allow you to store it for a lifetime.
  • Research continues into more uses for cord blood stem cells and applications of cord tissue and placental tissue stem cells.


  • Decisions regarding cord blood banking must be made before birth.
  • Private cord blood banking is expensive; it costs $3,000 to $5,000 — sometimes more — for collection, processing and storage for 20 years.
  • There’s a good chance you will never use your baby’s stored cord blood.

Richmond cord blood banking FAQ

Can parents use baby's cord blood?

Yes, it’s possible that parents can use their baby’s cord blood. Your physician can help you determine whether a family member is a candidate for a stem cell transplant using the baby’s cord blood.

Is cord blood banking covered by insurance?

In certain cases, health insurance providers may cover the cost of cord blood banking if it is a medical necessity. Speak with your insurer about your plan and whether it pays for cord blood banking in Richmond.

What are the benefits of cord blood banking?

Whether you bank cord blood for your family or donate for public use, you are preserving stem cells that can potentially be used in a lifesaving transplant. Hematopoietic stem cells found in cord blood can be frozen and safely stored for years.

What do hospitals do with umbilical cords?

Unless directed otherwise, hospitals discard the umbilical cord as medical waste.

Richmond cord blood banking company information


Americord stores cord blood, cord tissue and placental tissue for families in Richmond. Annual and 20-year plans are available. The company guarantees to pay up to $110,000 for an alternative stem cell source if your baby’s stem cells fail to engraft. There is no cancellation fee if you change your mind after enrolling. Americord gives you a $100 Amazon gift card if you successfully refer a friend to the company.

Americord Learn More (917) 338-6773

Cord Blood Registry

Since it was founded in 1992, Cord Blood Registry has stored more than 900,000 cord blood and cord tissue samples for parents. Richmond customers can choose to bank cord blood or both cord blood and cord tissue annually, for 18 years or for a lifetime. Payment plans go as low as $47 per month. CBR includes personal education and support, genetic counselor support, and access to a rewards program with gift cards and storage credits.

Cord Blood Registry


Viacord privately stores cord blood and cord tissue and has helped over 450 customers use banked cord blood in transplants or research. Richmond families can pay for annual, 20-year or 25-year storage. Six- and 12-month payment plans are available. ViaCord includes a $25,000 product quality guarantee in case a child’s cord blood stem cells fail to engraft during a transplant.


Inova Children's Hospital

Inova Children's Hospital can refer families to private cord blood banks or assist with donating to a public bank. The hospital recommends that expecting parents contact their doctor or the hospital for more information. Richmond residents can also visit Inova Children's Hospital directly at 3300 Gallows Road, Falls Church, VA 22042.

Inova Children's Hospital


Richmond residents can privately store cord blood, cord tissue and placental tissue with AlphaCord. Annual storage and 18-year storage plans are available, and customers can take advantage of 12-month payment plans. The company provides an $85,000 guarantee. Visit AlphaCord’s website to see answers to FAQ and get a free information kit.


New England Cord Blood Bank

New England Cord Blood Bank provides private cord blood and cord tissue banking. The company offers annual, 20-year and lifetime storage options. Customers have the option to pay upfront or over 12 months with no interest. NECBB has an $80,000 engraftment guarantee and promises not to raise annual storage fees. Richmond clients who make a successful referral earn a $100 gift card.

New England Cord Blood Bank